MATERA ERA-NET project "STOREHEAT" is aimed to a synthesis of new materials optimized for sorption-based long-term storage of solar or waste heat and to a design of scaling up of their fabrication for further commercialization, which is expected to have an important impact on renewable heat markets and on the efficiency of the existing heating/cooling technologies.

The principle of sorption-based heat storage:

The new concept of heat storage consists of systems that utilise reversible physical-chemical sorption phenomena (mostly water adsorption on solid sorbents) to store energy. Under the influence of a heat supply, water is desorbed from the material and is then stored separately (an endothermic phenomenon referred to as the charging or activation of material). When water and sorbent are put into contact, there is a heat release (an exothermic phenomenon referred to as a material’s discharge or deactivation). Energy can therefore be stored with negligible thermal loss because heat is not kept in either sensible or latent form, but as a chemical potential.

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The heat is on

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